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A Day in Montmartre by Albane Ewing and Cedric Blanchon

Jay : April 26, 2012 5:49 pm : iPhoneography

Our friends Albane and Cedric shared their photos taken in Montmartre last weekend. Montmartre is outside the city limits of Paris. It is a hill which is 130 metres high. I wish I could have joined you guys! Anyway, here are the pics they took:

Basilica of the Sacré Cœur By Cedric Blanchon


Louise Weber's Tomb By Albane Ewing


By Cedric Blanchon


By Albane Ewing


By Cedric Blanchon

Looks like you guys had fun taking photos there! I will join you when I visit Paris! :) 

To see more photos from Albane and Cedric’s collection, please go to:



Photo iPossibilities—Teri Lou Dantzler

Teri Lou Dantzler : April 23, 2012 5:06 pm : iPhoneography

My Mobile Photographic Ah Ha moment was in October 2010. That was when I discovered that the iPhone was a tool and not a toy camera. Since that time I have spent hours pursuing my passion by learning about what is photographically possible with the iOS applications on the iPhone and iPad.

 Since then I set a goal to motive, inspire and show what is photographically possible with the iOS applications to others. I want to help people become the artist they want to be by teaching them how to use the photographic applications available for the iPhone and iPad.

 So I started my blog  iPhoneography with Teri Lou in January 2011 ( where I regularly post an image and list the applications I use to capture and process it.  I also offer online courses, workshops and one-on-one tutoring. Today I announced that on Mondays I would answer questions from my viewers to help them understand more about what is possible. It is called “Photo iPossibilities”.

 Today I showed how I took an image with poor lighting and created a silhouette antique photograph.


The original image was captured in Cambodia during a 5 week Asian Adventure. I brought only my iPhone and iPad to capture and process the images from this journey.  As I captured the image with ProCamera I knew the lighting would be poor and I would most likely darken the boat and the people inside.


I used Snapseed to isolate the areas that I wanted to darken. This was done in several steps.



After the image was darkened, I removed the boats along the water line with Touch Retouch because I found them to be distracting.



Next to create the antique look I processed the image in OldPhotoPro.


At this point I found the image rather dull so I processed it with Dynamic Light and then blended the original Antique and the Dynamic Light version with Image Blender to bring out the color in the sky.


Finally I used Filterstorm to bring out the details in the shadows and paint in a subtle vignette.


Now I need you to contribute to making Monday’s Photo iPossibilities a success by asking me your questions. Please send them to and put “iPossiblities” as the subject. I look forward to the many questions you have. :)


My Iphoneography Workshop Experience with Harry and Teri

Victoria Porter : April 19, 2012 8:14 pm : iPhoneography

Having recently returned from a fantastic location workshop given by Teri Lou Dantzler (iPhoneography with Teri Lou) and Harry Sandler (iPhone-Antics with Harry Sandler) in Napa, California, I thought folks might like to know what a wonderful time it was. Teri Lou and Harry are wonderful teachers and make a great team teaching others from the benefit of their experience with both photography and iPhone/iPad apps. We also were shown some techniques for post processing our images for printing using Lightroom and Photoshop and each of us went home with one or two prints of our best image(s).

Some of the many highlights of the workshop included…

  1. Shooting at great locations that had been scouted before the workshop began.
  2. Staying at a clean, convenient location with an in-house restaurant where we could get freshly prepared hot meals for breakfast before our morning classroom sessions… and even dinner if we were too tired to go out for dinner.
  3. Dining at a couple of REALLY fine restaurants, Celadon in downtown Napa and Brix near where we finished our afternoon shoot.
  4. Socializing with interesting instructors and fellow photographers attending the workshop, both in the field and in the classroom, as well as over dinner and drinks and other shared meals.
  5. Did I mention shooting at great locations? Part of that experience included hands on instruction in using camera apps with which we were previously unfamiliar.
  6. A perfect mix of classroom instruction with shooting in the field.
  7. An opportunity (which I took advantage of) to do an early morning shoot with Teri Lou at one of the nearby locations where balloon rides over the Napa Valley were launched… one of my images from that shoot is included in this post.
  8. An experience that will not be forgotten… Check out upcoming location workshops with Harry and Teri Lou… You will not be disappointed should you decide to attend one, or more, of them!

The images below shot and processed using techniques learned in the Napa, CA location workshop. Tutorials explaining the post-processing techniques for the first two images are on my iPhone photography blog.

flowers at castello di amorosa

Flowers in the garden at Castello di Amorosa in Napa Valley. Taken with the native iPhone camera and post processed with Moku Hanga, Big Lens, Snapseed, Retouch and Impression.

sunset at McClure’s Beach

Sunset or not, image taken at McClure’s Beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore. SlowShutter cam with sunglasses in front of the lens and an 8 second exposure; post processed in Iris and signed with Impression (details on my blog).

balloons over Napa

Balloons over Napa, a composite created using elements of three different iPhone photos taken with the native iPhone camera in HDR mode. As soon as I can recall exactly what the process was, I will post it on my blog. I have to try to recreate it myself without the hand-holding I had in the workshop!

late afternoon light at McClure’s Beach

Late afternoon image taken at McClure’s Beach with Slow Shutter cam, 8 second exposure, heavily post processed using Filterstorm, Artista Haiku, Iris, Retouch, Snapseed and Impression. Techniques employed will be shared on my blog soon.

Amazing iPhone Shots by TS Elliot

Jay : April 9, 2012 5:10 pm : iPhoneography

TS Elliot’s iPhone pics collection on Flickr really caught my eye. I can tell that he is very passionate with iPhoneography. I wish I can take as many good pics as him! :)



TS Elliot


Lonesome Highway

TS Elliot



Yellow Line

TS Elliot




TS Elliot



Sweetness (Boy looks at girl with cotton candy, as two bullies lurk in background)

TS Elliot


Well, what else can I say?? They are awesome!! :-D Thanks for letting me feature your photos! 

Guys, you can see more of his work at



iPhoneography Accessories

Jay : April 2, 2012 11:55 am : iPhoneography

Owning an iPhone for the sake of text messaging or phone calling is never enough. If that is the sole purpose, it’s better to resort into other cellular phones. This is primarily because the iPhone is a revolutionary phone which is premium, both functionality and design. Apart from the basic functions, iPhone can definitely boast on its camera capability. With the advent of technological advancements, the iPhone can now be partnered with the iPhoneography accessories: Fisheye, Macro or Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses, the iPhone SLR Mount, Jelly Camera Phone Filters, and many more.

Depending on what need arises, you will be able to capture the best frame and angle of pictures with the fisheye ($25), macro or wide angle ($20) and telephoto ($20) lenses. All three lenses can be bought only for $49. Moreover, you can now mount your SLR lens to your iPhone for an even sharper focus and vivid capture. Whether Canon or Nikon, the SLR mount costs $249. Finally, you can now convert your iPhone to a quirky camera phone with the Jelly camera Phone Filters ($15). With different color options, you will not just dress your iPhone with your favorite color. You will also protect your camera lens from dust and liquid spills.


Iphone Photos of the Week

Jay : March 31, 2012 11:46 am : iPhoneography

By Anthony Vitale


By Oakwoodlott


By Marc Gascoigne


By Joel Honeywell


By Jeannine Doran


By Fulvio Gusmini


By Cindy Knepher


By Juan Calderon


By Egor Fedorov


By Sundance Lee


Photography “]

By Sebastien -tito- CAZAJOUS  Studio [N


By Martin So


Josh Jensen


By Angel Salguero


By Mike Jones


By Soilse


By Pat O'Brien


By Mikael Moreira


By George Alexandris


By Dreme Whitehurst


By Tinselwig


By Elaine Reyes



By Scott Horvath


By Karena Goldfinch


By Valentine 1960


By Endosonix


By Sarah Adams


By Owain Betts


By Reza Elghazi


By Tim Dawkins


By Rafael Marquez


By Da vi De


By Noah Gruneir


By Noel Estevez


By Sherman Peros


By Joseph Timmins


By Lastexit


By LaDawna Howard


By John Fullard


By Kotecinho


By Janice G. Islas


By G Morrow


By Mr Uku


By Michael Sonnabend


By David Tejada


By DJ Fortune


By Mary Sherman


By Daniel Ogren


By Sandra Canning


By Kevin Spencer


By Bill Fehr


By Andrea


By Lynn Thomson


By Rromer


By Chris Waikiki


Through the Lens of an iPhone by Sion Fullana

Jay : March 24, 2012 5:37 pm : iPhoneography

Sion Fullana is one of the best iPhoneographers around. His work has been featured in several national and online TV segments in both Spain and the US, and in newspapers, magazines, and photography blogs around the world. I asked his permission to feature some of his work here in my blog and thankfully he agreed! Check it out guys! 

"Sophistication Is a Gracious Invisible Quality"

Like a ray of light. You may not see it with the eyes at first sight, but you feel it and admire it. And you can’t fake it. It’s there or it’s not. This beautiful girl had it in spades. Look at the delicacy of her step…. Even her shadow is elegant! -Sion


"Dancer in the Dark"

This Halloween, I bumped into a Black Swan…. -Sion


"The Fountain"

Washington Square Park, New York


Amazing pictures huh?  :-)

To see more of Sion Fullana’s work, please go to:



Hey Instagram Addicts! Show off your pics here! :)

Jay : March 23, 2012 2:50 pm : iPhoneography

Instagram addicts out there, you can send me your awesome pics and I will feature it here! This is your time to SHINE! Just email ( your instagram pic to me with the subject “Instagram”.Oh and you can follow me @jradia. I will follow you back  ;-)



By Rcakewalk


Creeping Sunset by Lukemarkof


By Amos


By Denis Perekhrest


Riverside by Amici Giovedi


Instagram Meetup by Scott Williams


By Sarah Takahashi


By Raymond Yap


By Marc Escanuelas


By Gonzalo J. Nunez


Les 7 Laux by Boborbyepedersen


By Thanida


By Mochiland


By Jennifer Grimes


By Victoria Abro


By Ronmiel


By Anna Utkina Photography


By Jeremie Malengreaux


By Darren Erbe


By Keith Sliney


By D'Zine..'s


By Gary Danton


By Krisu-


By Crishake


By Marilyn


By Brendan Miller


By Joni Gebhard


By Andy Dalderop


By Stupendous Joy


By Dirk Bakker


By Jana


Hipstamatic Photos

Jay : March 18, 2012 7:27 pm : iPhoneography

This post is for awesome photos taken using Hipstamatic. Do you have a cool hipstamatic photo? Send it to my email ( now and I will feature it here! :)

Playtime by Marko

This photo belongs to Marko. I love it’s vivid colors and overall theme. Makes me want to be a kid again! Awesome pic Marko!

To see more of his work, please visit:


By Marcus

This photo belongs to Marcus. It was taken in Lehel, Munich, BY, DE. Nice shot!

To see more of his work, please go to:


By Lucie

This Photo Belongs to Lucie. It was taken somewhere in Paris. Lovely image!

To see more of Lucie’s work, please go to:


Nature is Taking Over by Victoria Porter

This photo belongs to Victoria Porter. This is called “Nature is taking over…” and is of an abandoned car in an abandoned mining town in Colorado taken with Hipstamatic Kodot XGrizzled and John S lens in September, 2011. Awesome photo, Victoria!

To see more of Victoria’s work, please go to:


By Teri Lou Dantzler


By Teri Lou Dantzler

By Teri Lou Dantzler

These 3 photos above are from Teri Lou Dantzler (Iphoneography with Teri Lou). Thanks for sharing them Teri! Lovely photos!

To see more of Teri’s work, please go to:

Or to check out her iPhoneography course, please visit:


Long Waiting by Julio Cesar

This photo belongs to Julio Cesar. Full of emotions! Nice shot Julio!

To see more of his work, please go to:


By Alexei Godek

This photo belongs to Alexei Godek. It was taken in Magnan, Nice, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, FR. I want to go there too! Nice shot Alexei!

To see more of his work, please go to:


Yamdrok Lake by MusanCova

This photo belongs to MusanCova. It was taken in Yamdrok Lake, Lhasa, Tibet. Such a nice place!

To see more of MusanCova’s work, please go to:


By Schrf

This photo belongs to Schrf. Wow what a beautiful deer! Great shot!

To see more of Schrf’s work, please go to:


Ribes del Ter by Fritz

This photo belongs to Fritz. Nice vivid colors!

To see more of his work, please go to:


Lake for Lovely One by Patrick Ostertag

This photo belongs to Patrick Ostertag. Lovely photo!

To see more of Patrick’s work, please go to:


El Cortijo del Fraile by Toni Camara

This photo belongs to Toni Camara. In this place were the facts that inspired the work “Bodas de Sangre” by Federico García Lorca. I think the book is about a tragic love story. Thanks for sharing it Toni!

To see more of Toni’s work, please go to:


Egypt by Nicolas Emery

This photo belongs to Nicolas Emery. It was taken in Nazlat as Samman, Al Jizah, Egypt. Cool pic!

To see more of Nicolas Emery’s work, please go to:


Alone by Outlandos (ym)

This photo belongs to Outlandos (ym). It was taken in Les Sables-d’Olonne, Pays de la Loire, France. Nice shot!

To see more of Outlandos Ym’s work, please go to:


Hipsta Ice by

This photo belongs to Awesome pic!  ;-)

To see more of’s work, please go to:


Barcelona Sunset by David Wilson

This photo belongs to David Wilson. Lovely sunset!

To see more of his work, please go to:


By Tiffany

This photo belongs to Tiffany. Awesome black and white shot! :)

To see more of Tiffany’s work, please go to:


By Rachael

This photo belongs to Rachael. It was taken in Strand, London, England. Nice pic! :)

To see more of Rachael’s work, please go to:


Plumeria by Rachotsuda

This photo belongs to Rachotsuda. Lovely Plumeria!  :-D

To see more of Rachotsuda’s work, please go to:


Polka Dot Sunbrella by Jeffrey Armstrong

This photo belongs to Jeffrey Armstrong. It was taken in Hamamatsu, Japan. I want to visit Japan!  :-)

To see more of Jeffrey’s work, please go to:


Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada by Debby_ab

This photo belongs to Debby. Wow! Amazing view!  8-O

To see more of Debby’s work, please go to:


Lake Buttermere By David Coxon

This photo belongs to David Coxon. It was taken in Lake Buttermere, Borrowdale, England. How lovely!

To see more of David’s work, please go to:


Magnolia by EzrazHipsta

This photo belongs to EzrazHipsta. Wow nice flowers!

To see more of EzrazHipsta’s work, please go to:


By Wesley Ho

This photo belongs to Wesley Ho. It was taken somewhere in Hongkong. Nice shot!

To see more of Wesley’s work, please go to:


Amazing World of Iphoneography

Jay : March 18, 2012 3:27 pm : iPhoneography

By Liquid Sworder


By Paul Frankenstein


By Cmdpurls


By Chris Bryant


By Lisa Morford

Iphoneography or iPhone photography is the art of taking photos using iPhone. More and more photographers are taking their DSLRs for granted and focusing on iPhoneography instead. What exactly is the attraction here? Is it because iPhone is considered cool? Or is it the vast number of photography apps to choose from that makes iPhone photography fun and interesting?

From Dusk Til Dawn by Luke Be


By Andre Pennycooke


By Maggie Ng

Iphoneographers have over 9000 photography apps to choose from. These apps change the very nature of photography. With these apps, you can do amazing things on your cameraphone that was totally unheard of before. Imagine having all the necessary photography tools in one small device—no more bulky cameras or accessories needed.

Flower by Quang Tran


By Tarl-14


By Jim Hansen


By Jeffrey

It is not just the apps that are attracting the majority of photographers. The iPhoneography books, workshops, events and competitions are also contributing factors on making this hobby go viral. There are iPhoneographers worldwide now and their numbers are rapidly growing.

Creating iPhone art is very addicting. One way to master it is to take iPhoneography course with a veteran iPhoneography instructor. If you want to learn more tricks and techniques, you should check out these iPhone photography instructors:

Jack Hollingsworth

Jack Hollingsworth

He is an award winning, 30-year career veteran in commercial photography. Jack has fallen in love with his camera as his primary capture tool.

Teri Lou Dantzler

Teri Lou Dantzler

She is a professional Iphoneographer with the creativity and insight that it takes to create artistic images with the iPhone as well as with much higher resolution cameras.

Harry Sandler

Harry Sandler

He has been teaching iPhoneography and showing his prints at various locations around the US. He has a vast knowledge of printing iPhone and traditional images that he brings to each and every workshop.


There are several iPhoneography books that you can buy online. Here is the list of books that I have gathered:

The Art of iPhoneography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity by Stephanie Roberts

Create Great iPhone Photos by Allan Hoffman

Iphone Artistry by Dan Burkholder

Avajar by Dave Davidson

iPhone Obsessed: Photo Editing Experiments with Apps by Dan Marcolina

iPhone Art in My Life by Dewitt Jones

The Best Camera is the One That’s With You by Chase Jarvis


Have you been hooked into iPhoneography too? Tell us what photo apps you often use! :)


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Elements of Composition

Jay : May 30, 2012 6:52 pm : Mobile Photography

What is Composition?

In photography, composition is basically the arrangement of objects in a picture. Composition can be applied to any form of art. It can be used in music, writing, and photography. The meaning of the word composition is “putting together”. Composition is a very important element of good photography. It can be compared to cooking. In order to make a delicious and appealing meal, you will need to have the right ingredients. After that you will need to present them accordingly by plating the dish. The way you plate your dish will either attract customers or drive them away. Just like in photography, a good composition will determine whether or not your picture will lure people to buy it.



There are lots of different types which can be found around us. Using these patterns to your advantage will lead to a good composition shot. Some of the techniques in taking photos of patterns are to emphasize it or to break it. Taking a picture of a pattern and filling the frame of your camera can create the effect of a large size quantity of an object. The other techniques, which is known as “break it” is the exact opposite of emphasizing the pattern. Obviously, the other technique aims to break the pattern. Break the chain of the pattern. 




Symmetry by definition is the exact correspondence of form and constituent configuration on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis. To a photographer, this means that when you are taking a picture of an object or landscape, you draw an imaginary line which splits the picture in have. Now your aim here is to have similar features in both sides of that imaginary line. Think of it like the mirror effect. Using symmetry in your shot can also attract people. Here are a few examples of symmetry.



Texture can be done by taking any photo of a 2D object. In order to emphasize the texture of your photograph, you will need to shoot your photos from certain angles. Texture is often seen when sunlight or light from any source hits the object from an angles. It kind of gives the object an embossed effect. Texture all adds to the value of the picture.


Depth of Field

  • The depth of field that you select when taking an image will drastically impact the composition of an image.
  •  Can isolate a subject from its background and foreground (when using a shallow depth of field)
  •  It can put the same subject in context by revealing it’s surrounds with a larger depth of field.



  • Can be powerful elements in an image.
  • Have the power to draw the eye to key focal points in a shot and to impact the ‘feel’ of an image greatly.
  • Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical and Converging lines all impact images differently and should be spotted while framing a shot and then utilized to strengthen it.

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Featured Photos from Mobile Phone Photography Members

Jay : May 14, 2012 4:53 pm : Mobile Photography

by Jessy Menchaca

by Jessy Menchaca

Sea and Sky by Emanuel Faria

Sea and Sky by Emanuel Faria

The future is wide open by Lil-ja Palavra

The future is wide open by Lil-ja Palavra

Reflecting on the old and new by Elizabeth Fielder

Reflecting on the old and new by Elizabeth Fielder

by Jeffrey Boyer

by Jeffrey Boyer

Thérèse Cherton

Spring flower by Thérèse Cherton

Kelvingrove Art Galleries in Glasgow  by Gillian Downie-Photography

Kelvingrove Art Galleries in Glasgow by Gillian Downie-Photography


Train Driver by Fokko Muller

Train Driver by Fokko Muller

Jon K Artetxe by Jon K Artetxe

Barakaldo City by Jon K Artetxe

Roses by Norbert Meissner

Roses by Norbert Meissner


Early morning @ Frog Pond by Terry Bell

Early morning @ Frog Pond by Terry Bell

by Aubrey Badeau

by Aubrey Badeau


by Kim Martino

by Kim Martino


Celebration of Children's day in Japan by Keisuke Takahashi

Celebration of Children's day in Japan by Keisuke Takahashi


by Joe Jimenez

by Joe Jimenez


by Pirmin Föllmi

by Pirmin Föllmi


by Jenny de Guzman

by Jenny de Guzman


Spring meadow by Hans Borghorst

Spring meadow by Hans Borghorst


by Marco Pellegrini

by Marco Pellegrini


by Arjan van der Horst

by Arjan van der Horst


Enjoy tea by Vannara Ty

Enjoy tea by Vannara Ty


Tranquility by Vivi Hanson Sacerdote

Tranquility by Vivi Hanson Sacerdote


Berna 1 by Genni Roma

Berna 1 by Genni Roma


Water Wall by Donna French

Water Wall by Donna French


Rainbow by Pison Jaujip

Rainbow by Pison Jaujip


by Giuseppe Navone

by Giuseppe Navone


Cows at sunset by Neil Irving

Cows at sunset by Neil Irving


by Christian Schuster

by Christian Schuster


Butterfly by Alexander Kostenko

Butterfly by Alexander Kostenko


By Albane Ewing







By Cat Morris






By Cedric Blanchon





By Daniel Vieira





By Davide Capponi





By Emilio Canosa





By Hui-Chung Wang





By Inedit Deux





By Ivana J. Bucci





By Ivo Coric





By Johnny Ecko





By Margaret Archer Zimmer





By Patrick Shourds





By Raphael Thunus





By Rino Rossi





By Sarakin (9_destiny)





By Shih-bo Chiu





By Steve Wewerka





By Teri Lou Dantzler





By Thanawat Thiasiriphet



By Yasu Ishikawa


By Tony Vasquez




By Uwe Huppach


Mobile Phone Photography Tips by 9_Destiny

Sarakin : May 4, 2012 4:47 pm : Mobile Photography

Hi I’m Kamil Kawczyński. I am better known as 9_Destiny. I’m taking mobile shots since last year and I would like to share my knowledge with you. At start I would like to apologize for my English. In some parts of this article you could find some mistakes. Let’s get started.

Tip number 1. Playing with Exposure.

Exposure is one of the most important photo settings in each phone. Different levels of exposure could bring significantly different results. The rule of using correct exposure level is quite simple: When we have strong sunlight it’s better to decrease EV to – 0.5 or – 1 value. (It’s not a strict rule and we’ve got some exceptions) All of this in order to achieve more attractive colours and saturation of our pics. Instead of post processing most of your shots from mobie phone try to learn how to set the exposure correctly. You will save a lot of time spent in front of the screen of your computer editing your own pics. Lets have a look at some examples.

Here we have a picture of stone bridge during daytime. Using automode, the shot was overexposed a bit. You may notice that especially when you are looking at stone railing of the bridge. I had to decrease value of exposure to – 0.5 EV to aim the best result.

HTC Desire HD, automode


HTC Desire HD, - 0.5EV

Another example showing benefits of decreasing exposure is next pair of shots. I was standing on that stone bridge (shown in two previous shots) because I waned to capture small lake which was in front of me. At first glance shot taken with automode looks quite good but wait; there’s something wrong with it. Look at the sky above the line of threes. It’s completely overexposed.

HTC Desire HD, automode

I’ve seen hundreds of shots with overexposed, white sky taken during sunny weather. Most of authors of that shots could avoid such effect by simply decreasing value of exposure before taking the shot.

Lets reduce our EV to – 1 value. Now look at the sky. Voila! We’ve got blue sky :)

HTC Desire HD, - 1EV

Here we’ve got the sunset. I wanted to achive warmer colours that they were in fact. I also wanted to aim the shadow lines of that bridge in front of me, so I had to decrease exposure to maximum of – 2 EV to reach such effect. Here’s the result.

Samsung Pixon 12, - 2EV

Short Conclusion

Proper value of expose depends on current light conditions and your vision of what you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to experiment with EV.


Tip number 2. Experiment with white balance.

Also white balance could be useful if we want to aim original results. I encourage all of you to play with white balance as well. Changing it by purpose could bring great results.

Lets have a look at example below. This shot was taken during last autumn. We have side warm lightning here. First pic is made with automode.

HTC Desire HD, automode

Second one was taken with cloudy white balance. I’ve changed it by purpose because I wanted to achive warmer colours of setting sun effect despite it was afternoon. If I had decreased EV value instead of white balance my pic would be too dark.

HTC Desire HD, cloudy white balance

One more pair of shots. First taken with automode. Second with cloudy WB.

HTC Desire HD, automode

HTC Desire HD, cloudy white balance

What about when we’re going to snap some nigh shots. Again – it depends on what effect we want to achieve. Here’s a difference between incandescent and fluorescent white balance in practice. I suggest using it only in artificial light. When we want to “warp up” our night shot we need to use incandescent white balance. When we want to “cool down” our night shot we need to use fluorescent one. Here are some of examples and the difference between them:

HTC Desire HD, incandescent white balance

HTC Desire HD, fluorescent white balance

HTC Desire HD, incandescent white balance

HTC Desire HD, fluorescent white balance

Short Conclusion

Manipulating with white balance could bring interesting results. Use that opportunity, and experiment with it.


Tip number 3. Use manual ISO settings.

The smaller value of ISO we’ll chose the better result we’ll get. Especially in night photography. These three pictures were taken at night. First one with small manual ISO, second one on auto mode. The third at nightshot mode. Can you see the difference between them?

HTC Desire HD, manual low 200 ISO

HTC Desire HD, automode

HTC Desire HD, nightshot mode

As you can see higher ISO generates larger grain. It doesn’t look very nice. First shot simply looks better. What shall we do if there’s not enough artificial light around, and picture with lowest ISO value is simply too dark? Use Xenon/Led Flash to light the subject of your shot. If the subject is too far away from you and flash doesn’t make the difference try to find fireworks photo mode. It’s lengthening shutter speed, letting in more light inside the camera with small value of ISO.

Lets see what will happen when we’re going to use lowest ISO value and tripod then tell me how many bricks contains this Cathedral :)

Taken with Samsung Pixon 12 + tripod

Short Conclusion

The lower ISO we’ll use the better night shot we’ll get. Low ISO guarantees better detailed shots without such huge “grains effect”. As a curiosity shown by pictures above I want to mention that in most mobile phones automode presents better quality that dedicaded nightshot modes and manual setting are better than automode :)


Tip number 4. Bring bad composed pic into a new life. 

Simply crop it to aim a better composition…

Sony Ericsson Elm + macro converter


Same shot but cropped


 Tip number 5. Keep in mind: Rule of thirds.

 What is the rule of thirds? It is a rule invented by artists as an aid to composition has been adopted by photographers for the same purpose. This was also known as the Golden Ratio during the times of Ancient Greece. It was a rectangle where the length of the shorter side was about two thirds of the longer side.

The rule of thirds is generally used to expose the topic or theme of your shot. The guideline proposes that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections.

As you can see in this picture, the main topic is the beautiful city, so it occupies the last two rows of segments or equivalent to two-thirds of the whole photograph.

Samsung Pixon 12 + tripod


Tip number 6. Use photo accessories dedicated for mobile phones.

There are quite many accessories which u can buy at online stores. Any kind of additional equipment could be very helpful. You can find all of these extra stuff at Lets have a look at some examples.

Samsung Pixon 12, 50 ISO, flash fired + tripod

Sony Ericsson Elm, - 0.7 EV + macro converter

HTC Desire HD + super wide angle lens


Tip number 7. Be creative.

Try to snap unusual pic. Small size of the lens in comparison to digital cameras could work in your favor.

HTC Desire HD, automode

Holding phone in your hands and pretending that you are writing a SMS could bring suprising results. Just do not overdo with the creativity, if someone does not wish to be photographed  :-D

HTC Desire HD, manual settings


Tip number 8. Use mobile photo apps.

No matter what phone you’ve got. With Android, Iphone OS, Symbian or WindowsMobile. There a lot of photo apps which you can use to create unusual pic. Topic of photo apps deserves an additional article. Lets look at examples of two of them for now.

Pro HDR camera is an app which allows to make something like HDR shots. Application is mixing 3 shots of different exposure levels into one shot. It also allows to edit your own pics. I encourage you to experiment with EV values because they could bring completely different shots.

HTC Desire HD (Pro HDR Camera)

Camera 360 is an app which contains a lot of different photo effects like Lomo, HDR, Sketch, Fish Eye, Tilt-shift e.t.c. My favourite one is an effect called “B&W Visual Storm” Here are some examples:

HTC Desire HD (Camera 360)


Tip number 9. Look for Inspiration. Plan Your Angles & Locations.

 When I’ve started my adventure with mobile photography I used to shoot photos of pretty much everything and everywhere. I remember correctly when I was strolling through one of the most representative streets in Warsaw. I’ve made about 250 shots during 3 hours. I also remember how excited I was to see all of them at the screen of my laptop. You can only imagine my disappointment when I realized that none from those shots was good enough to boast of.

Since that day I decided to have precise plan of what I want to capture. Initial vision of what I’m going to shoot. Predicted weather and light conditions. Technique which I’m going to use to hold only the special frames into memory of my cell phone. Finally; photo accessories which might be helpful or not. From that memorable day I’ve stepped into higher level of making shots. I’m taking much less shots that I used to and I’m more satisfied with the results than never before.

Learn from your own mistakes, experiment with manual settings, draw right conclusions. Keep looking for inspiration, plan what you want to capture. These are my advise to you. If you are looking for more inpirations maybe you will find some of them in my Flickr account

Keep shooting don’t struggle. Thank you.  :-D






Photos of the Week

Jay : April 29, 2012 2:37 pm : Mobile Photography

By Uwe Huppach


By Johann Bouché-Pillon

By Keisuke Takahashi

By Daniel Gomes

By Mauro Ballabeni

By Judah Honeywell

By Raphael Thunus

By Aubrey Badeau


By Elaina Stoltenberg!/elliedino


By Christian Schuster



By Reza Elghazi




Soratama Lens for iPhone

Jay : April 23, 2012 6:17 pm : Mobile Photography

Guys I stumbled into this very interesting lens created by Mr. Zenji Uehara. It is called Soratama. 

Soratama” is the photography technique which Zenji Uehara devised. ”Sora” means aerial. “tama” means ball. Take pictures using the transparent ball. A fantastic picture reflected to the transparent ball which appears on the midair can be taken.



Soratama is sold with Maminka. It is the thing which is glued to an acrylic ball to the acrylic board. I think you will have to set it up like this

Then you can start shooting cute pictures like these :

To see more pictures taken using Soratama lens, please go to

To know more details on how to order, please visit


MPP Contest #3 Winners

Jay : April 23, 2012 12:15 pm : Mobile Photography

Dear Fellow Mobile Phone Photographers,


Do you still remember when you first used a camera? How did you feel? Remember those days when you have to buy lots of film in order to take pictures? Those days are long gone. With new developments in the mobile phone industry, most of us can now take awesome pictures and have fun snapping anything that looks even remotely interesting (that fly on the wall, cup of coffee, strangers on the train station, the orange you bought yesterday etc. :-) ) everywhere we go since the best camera is the one that is always with you.
I know the feeling of being anxious and excited everytime I have taken new pictures using my phone–I couldn’t wait to upload it on Flickr and share it (and get constructive criticism from others). Each picture is our pride and joy. I started this blog because I fell in love with mobile phone photography and the endless possibilities of what we can make out of it. Most of all I love how the community of mobile phone photographers has bonded together to explore and maximize the capabilities of one tiny device and produce amazing photographs that I’ll never get tired looking at.
I want to thank you all for joining my photo contests all the time. These photo contests are just for fun and for me, you all have great photographs and it is my pleasure to feature them here in my blog. Together we are showing the world that a tiny device can produce wonderful images.

To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.” ~Henri Cartier-Bresson

All your photos are amazing! Thank you all for participating. To see the winners…CLICK HERE 

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Online Voting has Ended

Jay : April 21, 2012 9:35 pm : Mobile Photography

Thank you guys for joining my contest once again! It has been a pleasure to see all your amazing photos. They are all awesome! 

WINNERS will be announced soon so stay tuned!  :-)



Jay : April 18, 2012 1:02 pm : Mobile Photography

Thank you all for joining the contest! Your pictures are all amazing!! To see all entries for the contest, CLICK HERE

Online voting will start tomorrow April 19 and will end on April 21. 

Our MPP Project is almost done, I can’t wait to share it to all of you! Stay tuned!!!

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Submission of Entries for Contest #3 has Ended

Jay : April 18, 2012 5:33 am : Mobile Photography

Thank you guys for joining! We have received a LOT of awesome entries and we are still organizing it for online voting. You will get to see it all today before the voting starts on thursday. :)

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Interesting Travel Photos captured by Mobile Phones

Jay : April 13, 2012 2:00 pm : Mobile Photography

Email ( most interesting travel photos captured by your mobile phone and tell us something about it. I will post them all here.  :-)


The Waiting Game by Laura George

“It’s called “The waiting Game”. I find it interesting because we’ve ALL been in this position before. :)”  -Laura George


Gyor, Hungary by Charlotte Tai

” It was taken in Gyor, Hungary during my recent trip there. In the photo you can see thick dark clouds in the background but the sun was very bright in the foreground. The weather was very weird that day, we had bright sun light, snow (in April!) and gloomy sky within 2 hours. I took this photo to capture the weather that day =)”  -Charlotte Tai


The City Wakes Up (Bhaktapur, Nepal) by Teri Lou Dantzler

“As I sat across the street from this store front I watched many people pass by. Some were walking to school, some were riding there bikes to work, some were on their way to the square to fetch water. However my favorite scene was of this man sweeping his part of the street. All the brooms were short like this one. There was much pride in keeping things tidy.”  -Teri Lou Dantzler


McClure's Beach By Victoria Porter

 This image was taken in the late afternoon under a cloudy gray sky at McClure’s Beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore in California. It was taken with SlowShutter camera set for an 8 second exposure with my sunglasses in front of the camera lens (technique learned from Harry Sandler and Teri Lou Dantzler at the Napa location workshop for iPhone photography). Post processed in Iris with Retro filter applied first and then Dust ‘n’ Scratches Grunge Frame 2 applied with masking. Signed with Impression. -Victoria Porter


Pirate Ship by Sarakin

“I took this shot during last holiday spent with my girlfriend. It was the last day of our stay in the seaside town so we decided to go to the pier to see the sunset. We had beautiful weather. We were standing on viewing terrace and waiting till the sun come closer to the horizon. Suddenly I realized it was the last chance to get on board of the pirate ship that day. We didin’t have enough money to buy 2 tickets for an one hour cruise so we decided to wait and capture the moment when pirate ship is leaving the port.

I decided to decrease exposure value to reach the shadow effect of the ship on background of setting sun. Holding my HTC and having -1 EV value I captured one of my best shots taken from mobile phone.

As a curiosity I want to mention that each time when ship were sailing from the harbour they turned on that pirate song loudly from the deck:” -Sarakin

By Aubrey Badeau

“This was taken in NY’s Battery Park. I find it interesting because of all the elements. The trees, the ground cover, the East Coast Memorial, and if you study closely the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.”  -Aubrey Badeau


By Esther Diaz

“Cao Dai Temple in Vietnam. The curious thing about this Temple is that is a syncretist Vietnamese religious movement that incorporates aspect of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and even Catholicism. Cao Dai draws upon ethical precepts from Confucianism, occult practices from Taoism, theories of karma and rebirth from Buddhism, and a hierarchical organization (including a pope) from Roman Catholicism.
The exterior and interior of the Cao Dai Temple are both extravagantly decorated, incorporating symbols, abstract designs and images of saints.
There are four ceremonies with chanting each day: 6:00 am, noon, 6:00 pm, and midnight. An orchestra of 10 musicians and a choir of 20 youths lead the service in prayer and hymns. The hymns sound western, but the accompanying music is traditional Vietnamese.”  -Esther Diaz


By Keith Brock

This pic was taken on a late December morning driving East on Interstate 90 in Northwest Washington State. I noticed the lighting was of particular interest because the mountain side on the right was blocking most of the sun but the trees were allowing some of the fresh light through and lighting up the left side of the highway – it just looked surreal to me. So I pulled out the iPhone and began to shoot randomly, I like this shot out of the lot. -Keith Brock


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iPad Art by Christian Greller

Jay : April 8, 2012 6:04 pm : Mobile Art & Illustrations

By Christian Greller


By Christian Greller


By Christian Greller


Awesome Ipad Paintings!!

Jay : March 25, 2012 5:47 pm : Mobile Art & Illustrations

I found these amazing paintings done on Ipad!  8-O

Seascape by Unaipad2010


Argentina by Unaipad2010


Eye By Lee Rouse


Solar Flare by Hotel Midnight


Send Us your Ipad/Ipod Art/Photo

Jay : March 20, 2012 5:25 pm : Mobile Art & Illustrations

Good news to all iPad and iPod lovers! This is your time to shine! Send me ( your best iPad art or photo taken using iPad and we will feature it here! Show us your mastery of iPad photography! Impress us! 

Sun Rise Over San Diego by Larry Alexander

This is from Larry “Flash” Alexander. Wow I can’t believe it was taken using an Ipad!

To see more of Larry’s work, please go to:


Sunset and a Half Tonight By Joe Tobiason

This is from Joe Tobiason. It was taken using his Ipod Touch. You heard it right…Ipod touch! :)

To see more of Joe’s work, please go to:




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Nokia and Carl Zeiss Extend Partnership

Sarakin : May 12, 2012 10:10 am : Nokia Photography

Carl Zeiss, the renowned German optics company, has stood by mobile phone users with the Nokia brand. Producers has been working with each other for many years. Results? Many devices with excellent photographic qualities. Successful cooperation has been extended for subsequent years.

Cooperation between companies has began since 2005 with 2-megapixel camera built-in Nokia N90. Device has got autofocus mode, and smooth digital zoom being automatically object of interest for every lover of mobile photography.

Next famous model using advanced optics of German manufacturer was N93 with (rare among mobile phones) 3x optical zoom and 3,2-megapixel camera but it was nothing in comparison with Nokia N95 which was released few months later. Nokia N95 was undoubtedly another milestone. Not only among flagship devices of other manufacturers. One of the main features of that phone was incredibly 5-megapixel camera with brilliant quality as for a mobile phone. Mentioned model has got Tessar lens with F-Number: 2,8 and Focal Length: 5,6mm. Speaking about the relationship between Nokia and Carl Zeiss we can not forget about Nokia N8. Despite the passage of time this model is still considered as one of the best photographic smartphones which was ever made. Now many fans of mobile snapshots are waiting for Nokia 808 Pure view which seems to be another milestone of mobile photography.

The result of partnership between the technology PureView is mentioned by the Vice President, Nokia Smart Devices, Jo Harlow: Carl Zeiss was a crucial partner in the creation of the first PureView experience. The benefits of our ongoing collaboration will be more PureView innovation and further advancements in smartphone imaging in the coming months and years.

Also Michael Kaschke, CEO of Carl Zeiss AG said: When joining forces with Nokia in 2005, we wanted to push the boundaries of mobile photography. Looking back at seven years of successful partnership, we are proud of the innovations and outstanding products created in this shared journey. Today we are celebrating the extension of our collaboration with a new technology that sets another real benchmark in this sector.

A worthy successor to the photographic N8 PureView model 808, which will soon appear on the market. It is equipped with a matrix with a resolution of 41 megapixels allows you to shoot images with incredible detail, it also allows recording video in Full HD. The first tests of this device shows that the 808 already outclasses its rivals, and certainly part of that merit can be attributed to the Carl Zeiss company.

Certainly most of Nokia mobile photography lovers will appreciate information about further cooperation between Carl Zeiss and Nokia. They can count on the continued development of mobile photography and create more smartphones series PureView with German optics. Rumors says that in the nearest future Nokia will also release first Windows Phone models equipped with Pure View technology.

The Nokia 808 PureView, starts rolling out in end of May.

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Nokia 808 Pureview – 01. Megapixels Explained

Jason Teh : April 26, 2012 6:39 pm : Nokia Photography

What’s the difference between a Nokia 808 pureview compare to most latest mobile phone in the market? Is Nokia 808 pureview just a mobile phone?

41 Megapixels

Nokia 808 pureview has 41 megapixels sensor at 7728 x 5368 = 41,483,904.00 (by multiply) but you are only able capture maximum of
38 Megapixels in 4:3 mode at 7152 x 5368 = 38,391,936.00 pixels
34 Megapixels in 16:9 mode at 7728 x 4354 = 33,647,712.00 pixels


How big is actually 41 Megapixels?


How many megapixels do you need?
If your attention is just to view your photos on your computer, mobile phone or make small prints 2-5 megapixels is sufficient but if you are planning to print your photos into photobook, magazine, banner or billboard the higher the megapixels the better.

Another benefit of having high megapixels is it allows you to crop and also provide clearer details to your photos example the photos below


What so special about the photos below? Its captured by a Nokia N8 !! Wait a moment ! How does a mobile phone is able to capture such stunning results without editing and no extra lens used and you must be wondering how did i do it? The secret is simple combination of high megapixels and good optics give you this amazing result.



What happens if your camera does not have such precision optics like the Nokia N8 and Nokia 808 pureview the result will turn out like? I have provided a photo sample below taken by one of the latest android phone by another reviewer. So the next time you read a review or a photo sample do puzzle yourself how good is the optics of that camera. When someone gives you a thumbs down ask yourself again if it is it true? I have shown you the truth and next time please ask them back to provide similar samples to compare.

Some will say you need to take in the same light condition, same angle, same setting and etc but conclusion if the photo taken do not have the similar sharpness and detailed as above what is there to compare? Simple terms their phone cant do it.The more detailed the photo you take the more stories it tells.

Taken using a non-Nokia Phone

More pixels doesnt mean your camera will take better photos because many factors can effect the result like sensor size, software algorithms, aperture, shutter speed, pixel sizes and etc but with the right combination you get amazing results “

Know more about Nokia phones and it’s camera quality. Check out my site here

To see more pics, visit my Flickr account:


Photos Taken Using Nokia X7 and N8 by JTproductions

Jay : April 4, 2012 5:18 pm : Nokia Photography

By JTproductions (X7)


By JTproductions (X7)


By JTproductions (N8)


By JTproductions (N8)


By JTproductions (N8)

Amazing shots! You can see more photos of JTproductions here


Nokia Photos of the Week

Jay : March 29, 2012 2:55 pm : Nokia Photography

By Erly Nunes Machado


By Erly Nunes Machado


By Erly Nunes Machado


These Photos were taken using Nokia N8. Awesome clarity! Nice work Erly! :)

To see more of his work, please go to

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Cute Pic Captured by Nokia Phone

Jay : March 24, 2012 11:07 am : Nokia Photography

I stumbled into this picture on Flickr and I can’t help but chuckle when I saw it  :lol:  Too cute!!

The Happy Couple by Neil Mallett

Even frogs need a hug  :-D

Great shot Neil!!

To see more of Neil’s work, please go to:


Unleashing the Photographer in You Through Nokia’s Carl Zeiss Lens

Jay : March 19, 2012 3:16 pm : Nokia Photography

By Christian Veva


By Christian Veva

There’s no doubt that mobile phone photography is a lot of fun. With mobile phones being so portable and with any number of effects and filters, mobile photography has become its own art form. But most of us don’t give much thought to the actual camera lens in our smartphone. Without a good lens, however, you’re not going to get a good photo, no matter how hard you try.

For those of you using the latest Nokia smartphones, you’ll be thrilled to know that you’re using true top-of-the-line photographic technology – a Carl Zeiss camera lens. Carl Zeiss was a German optics maker in the 1800s. This guy was the undisputed master in the industry, constantly coming up with better ways to make and use lenses for microscopes. Mr. Zeiss died in 1888, but his company still continues to lead the field in optics. Zeiss optical technology can be found in cameras (both mobile and professional), advanced medical instruments, movie cameras, and binoculars. NASA even uses Zeiss lenses in their very expensive equipment!

By Matthew Osborne

So, in your tiny Nokia mobile phone is a tiny camera lens that is as powerful and technologically advanced as those found in high-end professional cameras. Wow.

By Liping Yang

So now that you know this, it’s time to really challenge yourself. The time for thinking, “That’s a pretty good shot for a camera phone,” is over. Learn to use your filters and settings. (A good tip for this is to take several pictures of the same scene on different settings. After awhile you’ll learn which combination of settings is best for each type of scenario.) Try out those shots you’ve never attempted before because you didn’t have a “real” camera. If you do take a photograph and it doesn’t come out well, how can you adjusts your settings? Remember, with a Zeiss lens at your disposal, if the picture stinks it’s you, not the camera! With this in mind, you can actually use your bad photos to help improve your photography skills.

By Neil Irving

Your Nokia phone is capable of producing incredible images. Don’t just let this fabulous camera lens sit in there and go to waste! Unleash its full photography potential – and yours.

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Nokia Photo of the Day

Jay : March 17, 2012 7:28 pm : Nokia Photography

Golden by Eagle1effi

Lovely colors and amazing clarity! This photo was taken using Nokia Lumia 800 by Erwin.

To see more of his amazing work, please visit:

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Camera Lens for Nokia N8

Jay : March 13, 2012 1:15 pm : Nokia Photography

6X Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens for Nokia N8


I just found this on Amazon, but I wish there are more external lenses for Nokia to choose from.



Awesome Photos Taken using Nokia

Jay : March 11, 2012 2:03 pm : Nokia Photography

Orange Dragonfly by JTproductions

Bee in Action by JTproductions


Water Droplets by JTproductions


Can you believe that these photos were taken using a mobile phone? Amazing! You can see more pictures like these on his Flickr collection


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Photos taken from Nokia N8

Jay : March 1, 2012 11:49 am : Nokia Photography

Amazing how a mobile phone can produce clear images. I can’t wait to see more changes in mobile photography in the next few months.

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Androidografia by Jon K Artetxe

Jay : May 13, 2012 9:15 pm : Android Photography

By Jon Artetxe


By Jon Artetxe


By Jon Artetxe


By Jon Artetxe


To see more of Jon’s work, please go to

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Bird Watching Project 2 by Pison Jaujip

Jay : April 10, 2012 4:57 pm : Android Photography

I have featured the other pic and video of Pison’s birdwatching project (taken using Samsung Galaxy) before and it showed a mother bird. This time, Pison captured a picture of its baby birds. It must be nice to live in Pison’s area..surrounded by nature. I will definitely visit someday!  :-D


Pison Jaujip


Pison Jaujip


Pison Jaujip


Cute Birds!! You can see more pics here


Android Phones with 5MP Cameras and Above

Jay : April 7, 2012 5:25 pm : Android Photography

Almost everyone nowadays are using Android operated smartphones. If you remember few years ago, Symbian, Nokia’s OS ruled the smartphone industry. It was just recently that Android exploded into popularity. Smartphones are becoming more of a multimedia device rather than an actual phone. Many consumers look at the specs of the phone before buying it. Others like phones with big displays, while others like phones with high resolution cameras. If you are a mobile phone photography enthusiast who is looking to buy an Android phone today that has a decent camera, then these four phones are some of which you can consider.

LG Nitro HD

The LG Nitro HD features a visually enticing 4.5-inch HD display with 1,280×720-pixel resolution and a pixel density of 329 pixels per inch. It sports an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capture and 1.3-megapixel camera at the front for video chatting. It is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory.


Sony Xperia Neo V

This phone from Sony is the successor of the older Xperia Neo. The two are actually quite similar expect than the newer version was created as a downgraded version of the older one. The Xperia Neo V showcases a 5MP camera compared to the 8MP of the Xperia Neo. It has a pixel resolution of a 2592x 1994 pixels. This makes this phone a great device for taking pictures. Its camera has the ability to recognize the face and smile of a person and features a 3D sweep panorama capability.


Sony Xperia S

The Sony Xperia S is also another great Android phone with astonishing features. With its high resolution HD screen and 12- megapixel camera, many consider this phone to be one of the best Android phones today. Its camera guns a 4000×3000 pixel resolution and a face and smile detection capability. Additional features like image stabilization and the ability to take 3D panoramic pictures make the Sony Xperia S a need-to-have phone for photo enthusiasts and photographer wannabes.


Motorola Droid Razr Maxx (Not a GSM device)

Motorola’s Droid Razr Maxx toutes an energy filled Li-Ion 3,300mAh battery which a far cry from the standard seen in other smartphones. Though not as thin as the original Razr, the Razr Maxx is still very much pocket friendly measuring 5.14 inches long by 2.75 inches wide by 0.35 inch thick and weighing 5.1 ounces. It is powered with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and displays through a 4.3″ Super AMOLED screen. It’s also comes with an 8 MP camera and a 1.3 MP secondary camera.

This phone will work on European and Middle Eastern countries and will be available this May 2012.

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Bird Watching Project by Pison Jaujip

Jay : March 28, 2012 11:47 am : Android Photography

Pison Jaujip is from Sabah, Malaysia. Sabah is in the island of Borneo. It is the third largest island in the world. Borneo’s rainforest is 130million years old. It is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Here’s what Pison did using his phone:

Waiting for the bird (taken using iPhone 4S)


He finally sees the bird after waiting for some time! He used Samsung Galaxy S2 to capture it.



Nice job Pison! I want to visit Borneo!  :-)

To see more of Pison’s work, please go to:


Samsung Photos

Jay : March 27, 2012 1:12 pm : Android Photography

By Myeyedea


By Myeyedea


By Blue1k

By Blue1k


Android Phones this 2012

Jay : March 20, 2012 11:52 am : Android Photography

Love the latest and greatest technology? Does the newest tech toy make you dizzy with desire? If so, get ready to get woozy. Here’s a peek at what’s coming up in Android Phones this 2012!

LG Optimus 4X HD

Quad core. I’ll say it again in case you passed out. QUAD CORE. That’s right. Several phones are coming out with the super-speedy NVIDIA Tegra3 quad cores soon, and LG wants on the bandwagon. LG has had a shaky track record when it comes to smartphones, but they seem to be making up for it with this model. It’s going to be sleek, slim, and have a large 4.7 (1280 x720) HD screen. This is one of the larger screen sizes coming out. It also comes with Android 4.0 ICS, 16GB microSD storage, and, for you shutterbugs, 1.3MP front camera and 8MP rear camera.


Motorola Atrix 3

Also rumored to have the NVIDIA Tegra3 quad core is Motorola. We should see two models: The Motorola Jet and the Motorola Bullet. Both will feature the quad core CPU, up to 1.5GB of DDR2 RAM, 16GB on-board storage, a new 12MP camera (keep breathing), 24-bit screen, and the fantastic 3300mAh battery. The main difference between the two will be the keyboard situation: the Jet will have a QWERTY keyboard and slightly smaller screen. If they come out as promised, both should have the top-of-the line cameras and HD video, so if you like taking photographs, keep your eye on these.



HTC certainly isn’t a household name, but they’re probably going to be the first ones to introduce the quad core smartphone. This one is going to be a feature-rich front-runner, with a large HD screen, 32GM on-board memory, 1GB RAM, and most likely will come with Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). Yum. It’s also supposed to have a great 8MP camera with 28mm, f/2.2 lens. I can hear DSLR cameras everywhere staring to weep.


Huawei Ascend D Quad

Another relatively unknown name, Huawei is popular in parts of Europe and China, and looking to invade the U.S. market. They shouldn’t have much trouble succeeding. Their Ascend D Quad has the Tegra3 quad core, an 8MP camera, 16GM on-board memory, and will come out with Android 4.0 ICS. It’s supposed to have a very slim profile and qHD AMOLED 4.3 inch screen, so it’s going to look and feel amazing. It will only have a 2200mAh battery though, so it may find itself falling behind Motorola in long-term sales. Just a thought.


Meizu MX

Last (but not necessarily least) on our quad-core list is the Meizu MX. There hasn’t been much press about the release, but we know it will have the Tegra3 quad core, at the very least a 8MP camera and HD video recorder, and come with Android 4.0 ICS installed. I guess we’ll have to see the rest when it launches – maybe there will be a nice surprise!



HTC Pics

Jay : March 19, 2012 10:26 am : Android Photography

Hi HTC users out there, if you have awesome pics taken using your HTC android phone, send it to my email ( I will post it here :)



This Photo belongs to JHIH-明. Love the silhouette and the clouds! :)

To see more of his work, please go to:


By Kjteng

This photo is from Kjteng. Cute frog! Nice shot! :)

To see more of his work, please go to:


By Sarakin

This photo is from Sarakin. He used HTC Desire HD to take this awesome image. Nice shot Sarakin!

To see more of Sarakin’s work, please go to:



By Sam

This photo belongs to Sam. Nice shot Sam!

To see more of Sam’s work, please go to:

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Android Photos of the Day

Jay : March 18, 2012 5:09 pm : Android Photography

The Cathedral of Learning: University of Pittsburgh by Dave Reid (Taken using Droid PRO)

The Cathedral of Learning, a Pittsburgh landmark listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is the centerpiece of the University of Pittsburgh’s main campus in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Standing at 535 feet , the 42-story Late Gothic Revival Cathedral is the tallest educational building in the Western hemisphere and the second tallest university building (fourth tallest educationally-purposed building) in the world. The Cathedral of Learning was commissioned in 1921 and ground was broken in 1926. The first class was held in the building in 1931 and its exterior finished in October 1934, prior to its formal dedication in June, 1937. The Cathedral is a steel frame structure overlaid with Indiana limestone and contains more than 2,000 rooms and windows. The building is often used by the University in photographs, postcards, and other advertisements.

To see more of Dave Reid’s work, please visit:


Sky by Kawee_M (taken using an android phone)

This is an image of an ancient temple in Thailand.

To see more of Kawee’s work, please go to:


The Zakim Bridge by David Schachner

This photo belongs to David Schachner. Zakim Bridge is located in West End, Boston, MA, US.

To see more of David’s work, please go to:


See I've Been Known To Fall In Love by Anthony Tulliani

This photo belongs to Anthony Tulliani. It was taken using Vignette for Android. Lovely!

To see more of Anthony’s work, please visit:


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Amazing Macro Shots taken using Samsung Galaxy SII

Jay : March 6, 2012 11:18 am : Android Photography

Black Ants Fighting by Pison Jaujip

House Fly by Pison Jaujip

Water Droplet by Pison Jaujip

You can see more of his work on his Flickr page .

What do you guys think? Amazing huh? :)


Android Phones for Mobile Photography

Jay : February 18, 2012 8:41 pm : Android Photography

Androidography is also gaining popularity along with iPhoneography. Are android phones capable of producing great pictures as well? Definitely! There are several android mobile phones and they are equipped with great quality cameras. One of them is even 16 megapixels.

Thousands of photography apps are available at android marketplace. Mobile photography is getting more and more interesting with the release of several mobile phones with improved cameras.

Android photography, just like iPhoneography is addicting. But unlike iPhoneography, there are less android photographers and the trend isn’t as viral. But who knows? Maybe something will inspire android photographers to take more stunning pictures in the future.

Altek released their first 14MP android cameraphone. This android cameraphone has all the bells and whistles of modern digital photography. It is literally like your regular digital camera and the phone is more like a bonus. Android photography apps will just make this cameraphone much better. So for Android fans out there, will this phone inspire you to take artistic images or what?

 I have noticed that mobile phone manufacturers are getting into the trend of higher megapixels and improved image quality. More and more people are using their phones to snap pictures instead of their digital cameras. Will point and shoot digital cameras be forgotten in the near future? Or will cameraphones be its own thing?

Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and etc are producing amazing android phones with a camera that can compete with your separate digital camera. Polaroid’s SC1630 Android HD Camera is packed with 850/1900/2100MHz WCDMA and 850/900/1800/1900 GSM radios, along with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and an FM antenna. It’s a great camera with android phone as a bonus. It features 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, 512MB of built-in storage and 512MB of RAM. The camera has 16MP with aperture of F3.1-F5.6, 3X optical zoom and 5 times digital zoom. This phone will be available in April for only $299.

There are several android phones to choose from in the market. I have seen stunning images taken from Samsung and other android phones. There are passionate androidographers in Flickr and it is quite fun browsing pictures on their gallery as well.

Can Android photographers be as big as iPhoneographers with huge following across the globe? Only time will tell. But Android photography is here to stay. With thousands of android photography apps in the marketplace, it is hard not to be addicted to it.

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