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Review: CamFX Image Effects for Nokia


The CamFX Image Effects for Nokia mobile phones is a photo app that allows you to add different effects to your photos! Users can easily share their photos to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr as well as sending them via email.

Pros: It’s a decent photo effect app for Nokia phones. It has all the basic filters, like sepia, solarize, thermal, negative, and old-style photo effects. Your basic point-and-shoot photographer will get plenty of use out of it with no complaints.

Cons: Nokia’s not famous for its mobile phone photography apps. I’m not really sure why. There just doesn’t seem to be much available, at least in terms of special filters and photo manipulation. That said, CamFX Image Effects doesn’t have the same “wow” factor of some of the iPhone and Android mobile photography apps.

Bottom line: It’s free, and it certainly won’t hurt to try it. A tip: some places seem to charge for it (though it’s a minimal charge) and some offer it free. The difference between the versions isn’t clear to me, maybe it’s just a quirk of the individual web sites.

There doesn’t seem to be much talk on the Internet about this app, so if you’ve used it, we’d love to hear from you. Post your thoughts and images taken with it here!


Review: HDR Photo Camera for Nokia



Many of us mobile photography lovers really like the effects of High Dynamic Range. The HDR Photo Camera app for Nokia creates amazing HDR images. It is designed for N8 and iPhone4, but works with C7, E7, N97 and N97 mini, plus it’s compatible with the former Symbian platforms. The Nokia app store currently has it priced at $4.99.

Pros: It really does create HDR images. It takes three shots at different exposures and layers them into one photo to create some very cool effects. Considering we’re talking about mobile phone photography here, that’s pretty amazing. The fact that it’s compatible with so many Nokia phones is also a big plus.

Cons: While you do get an HDR photo, there are some limitations with the focus. Basically, there isn’t any. Not that the images are blurry, rather that everything is focused identically, with no extra focus in the foreground, for example. If you just want to experiment with the possibilities of HDR, this isn’t a deal-breaker, but you will notice that sometimes the HDR doesn’t have some of the contrast and “pop” of photos taken with the standard mobile phone photography package. Another drawback is the end photo resolution. It’s pretty low. This is because otherwise the processing time would be enormous (it already takes a long time). Understanding that, it’s easy to see why it was designed this way, but it can be frustrating.

Bottom line: It’s a good app for those wanting an introduction to the possibilities of HDR photography. The resulting photos are good for sharing over the Internet, but not for any high-resolution applications like printing or stock photography web sites. Using it requires a little patience, but if you’re game, it’s worth it just to get an idea what HDR can do.



Review: CameraPro N8 for Nokia



For N8 photographers out there, this app is perfect for your phone! You can gain fast access to your camera/video. It features 11x digital zoom, raw jpeg stream, and cool tools like face detection, anti-shake, continual auto focus, geotagging, bracketing, and more. It’s easy to share your photos, too, with uploading to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Picasa.

Pros: It’s actually one of the better Nokia mobile phone photography apps out there. I might venture to say the best. The bracketing (HDR) is especially great. Previous versions of this app had the standard 3-shot HDR, but this version actually lets you do 5 image bracketing. This makes for even better HDR effects. Also, the video is 7p, which is seriously high-end. It has an easy user interface, with large buttons that are easy to understand. The absolute best feature of this app, if you ask me, is that the video allows for continuous auto-focus and pre-focus options.

Cons: None that I’ve noticed personally. There are some reports on it not being compatible (despite claims otherwise) with the N8 Belle. There can be some waiting time if an image or video is processing, but that’s to be expected in my opinion. It’s also not free, but really, $2.99 isn’t a budget-buster.

Bottom line: If you have a compatible phone, get this app. It’s incredibly feature-rich, and even if you never use all the bells and whistles, it’s more than worth the price. As with anything that has lots of features, it may take some time getting used to, but your patience will pay off. You’ll get amazing photos, and the high-resolution possibilities mean you can use the pics for print media also. This is definitely a mobile phone photography app that does what it claims.

Share your CameraPro N8 photos here and tell us what you think about this app!


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    Hi Jay,

    Your site is really awesome! I’m learning a lot and it gives me more inspiration to take amazing pictures. I’m using Nokia N8 and it’s image quality is really outstanding. I prefer using it than my iPhone. I hope you can create a community here for Nokia Phone Photographers like me so we can share tips and knowledge. Thanks a lot and more power to Mobile Phone Photography

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