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Elements of Composition

Jay May 30, 2012 Mobile Photography 1 Comment

What is Composition?

In photography, composition is basically the arrangement of objects in a picture. Composition can be applied to any form of art. It can be used in music, writing, and photography. The meaning of the word composition is “putting together”. Composition is a very important element of good photography. It can be compared to cooking. In order to make a delicious and appealing meal, you will need to have the right ingredients. After that you will need to present them accordingly by plating the dish. The way you plate your dish will either attract customers or drive them away. Just like in photography, a good composition will determine whether or not your picture will lure people to buy it.



There are lots of different types which can be found around us. Using these patterns to your advantage will lead to a good composition shot. Some of the techniques in taking photos of patterns are to emphasize it or to break it. Taking a picture of a pattern and filling the frame of your camera can create the effect of a large size quantity of an object. The other techniques, which is known as “break it” is the exact opposite of emphasizing the pattern. Obviously, the other technique aims to break the pattern. Break the chain of the pattern. 




Symmetry by definition is the exact correspondence of form and constituent configuration on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis. To a photographer, this means that when you are taking a picture of an object or landscape, you draw an imaginary line which splits the picture in have. Now your aim here is to have similar features in both sides of that imaginary line. Think of it like the mirror effect. Using symmetry in your shot can also attract people. Here are a few examples of symmetry.



Texture can be done by taking any photo of a 2D object. In order to emphasize the texture of your photograph, you will need to shoot your photos from certain angles. Texture is often seen when sunlight or light from any source hits the object from an angles. It kind of gives the object an embossed effect. Texture all adds to the value of the picture.


Depth of Field

  • The depth of field that you select when taking an image will drastically impact the composition of an image.
  •  Can isolate a subject from its background and foreground (when using a shallow depth of field)
  •  It can put the same subject in context by revealing it’s surrounds with a larger depth of field.



  • Can be powerful elements in an image.
  • Have the power to draw the eye to key focal points in a shot and to impact the ‘feel’ of an image greatly.
  • Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical and Converging lines all impact images differently and should be spotted while framing a shot and then utilized to strengthen it.

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