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Mobile Phone Photography

Expanding World of Mobile Phone Photography

Jay March 23, 2012 Mobile Photography 9 Comments

By Martin Schiele


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In the not-so-distant past, professional photography as a career was in decline: expensive equipment, printing, and framing combined with lower sales of photographs and changes in the industry started the downfall. Then, with the advent of powerful and inexpensive digital cameras, many professional photographers just gave up all together.

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The problem with this thinking is that it assumes beautiful photography is only a matter of getting an expensive professional camera with one of those giant telescopic lenses! This is not true! Sure, a good camera helps, but the real skill is in the artistic abilities of the person taking the photo. A thousand crisp, clear shots of boring subjects are easily trumped by one amazing, creative shot with a composition no one has ever seen before. C’mon, we all know it’s not the size of the lens that matters: it’s how you use it.

By Vivi Hanson Sacerdote


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So if you’re an aspiring photographer, embrace the new technology. The powerful cameras and photography apps (check out Instagram) in today’s iPhones give the budding shutterbug an inexpensive tool to use. Digital processing and Internet outlets mean you can sell your photos in more ways, from uploading stock photos to printing postcards. You can even have your photographs printed on products like T-shirts or mugs. The possibilities are truly incredible.

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In fact, mobile phone photography has become an art style in and of itself. You can find blogs and websites devoted to it. There are many chat rooms and forums dedicated to tips and tricks. There are also books featuring only iPhone photography and android photography!

By Dylan Andersen

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By Brendan Miller

One of the best things about the wonderful world of mobile phone photography is that it gives you the ability to express your creativity in a new way, taking pictures and then combining them with filters and effects for a unique painting-meets-photo work of art. If you’ve ever taken an art class, you may have noticed that 10 people can look at the exact same subject and still come up with 10 completely different paintings. Approach your mobile photography with this attitude and you can reveal your true inner artist.

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