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Mobile Photography by Peter Pasoli

Jay April 8, 2012 Mobile Photography 2 Comments

Yesterday I stumbled into Peter Pasoli on Flickr and I just love his work! Check it out guys..

Peter Pasoli

“This one was taken in a room. I improvised a backdrop with papers. I used a “daylight” spot in order to get impressive colors. In post production I used photoshop to pop up the colors and to balance the contrast. About the photo itself the idea was to show some skin details. I also put the model in an outlandish position. Inspired by the paintings of Schiele but keeping a dissimulated smile. What is very impressive is the light in her hair, pure and brilliant.”


Peter Pasoli

“This one belongs to the same set. The technique is almost the same, nevertheless I used the vignette app to get a beautiful black and white and after I rendered the image in the photoshop app. The hair in the middle of her chest suggests a tail of an animal.”


Peter Pasoli

“For me in this one I did a good job in terms of composition. You have two couples, one dancing and one looking at a camera screen. And you have 2 girls in RED in opposite places but in the same sense. And both are observing districts situations. The technical part is not that good. There wasn’t much light. The image is quite pixilated. I shot and edited with the Camera 360 app.”


Peter Pasoli

“This one was taken in the street in Brussels. A kind of a luminous sculpture floating in the air. I used Vignette app.
In conclusion, I think there’s a lack of good photo’s apps available for android. Like Camera + to shoot, Crossprocess app to get expressive colors or Noir app for Black and white photography. Fortunately there’s a good app coming soon: Snapseed.

To see more of Peter’s work, please visit:



What do you think guys?? :-D

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  1. Fred April 8, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    Looooove the first picture. Good job! :)

  2. Sarah April 23, 2012 at 3:21 am

    Kudos for Peter! Very helpful tips, and insight on what to expect.

    The photography is first class.

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