Monday 22nd January 2018,
Mobile Phone Photography


Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. My name’s Jay and I have been a mobile photographer for nearly 6 months. At first, I created this blog to just provide insights on mobile photography. After interacting with hundreds of mobile photographers, I realized I need to do something more. My blog has a new mission—to unite mobile photographers from around the world. Share tips, insights, new ideas, and give each other support. We all have something in common—intense desire to create amazing images using our cameraphone. We don’t have to speak  the same language coz we communicate through our art. Photography is the only language understood in all parts of the world, and bridging all nations and cultures. Fellow mobile photographers, let us all share, learn together and work as one. :)




In addition to loving mobile photography I love to travel and do crazy things.

Here’s me with a Tiger in Koh Samui, Thailand…and yes he is crushing me with his elbow


Here’s me doing a cable jump! And yes it was scary lol

Doing the Flying fish in Algarve, Portugal – this thing went 80km/hr!


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  1. 9_Destiny March 28, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Well said. Especially with universal language of fotography. I’ve got nothing to add. I’ve been looking 4 such place since I’m taking shots from mobile phone.

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