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What Makes Instagram Special?

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What Makes Instagram Special?

You might have heard of this App called Instagram. In just nine months, they have 5 million users already. So what makes this app so special? First of all it is free and it lets users share their life with friends through a series of images that they take using their iPhone. But their filters made it go viral.

Instagram enables users to create artistic photos using several filters that can be found in the app. iPhoneographers became infatuated with it and now there are millions of followers from around the globe. If you will look at photos taken using instagram, you will fall in love with the vintage look.

Iphone and Instagram just fit together perfectly. They create visually appealing images and being able to share it to family and friends with just a click of a button makes this app more entertaining. Instagram has created an audience and loyal followers like Flickr.

In just a few seconds after taking your picture, it can be published immediately and gain attention from other instagramers. So this whole instagram thing is fun and entertaining. That makes it stand out among other filter apps in IOS.

It also enables you to share your photos on your Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, Twitter, and other services using their APIs. It is indeed a brilliant idea and gained more appeal to the masses. Now Instagram boasts of having more than 15 million users. From September 2010 to February 2012, they have gained more than 15 million users—amazing right?

Although they have millions of users, Instagram still keep a low number of employees. Their team is composed of 10 people. With the android app in the works, they will hire more people to work for them.

Social apps are very much appreciated nowadays. But it takes a lot of improvements and more interesting features to keep them afloat. Who would think that Friendster will be overshadowed by Facebook? They are real cool one minute and old news the next.

Android users are patiently waiting for the android version of Instagram. Please hurry before android app developers come up with a cooler alternative to it.

Positive media coverage also helps Instagram a lot. Its great visibility to the public makes it a great choice plus its cool filters and simple social graph distribution. It is truly an interesting app and I can’t wait for Android users to experience it.

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